Trust Framework

Policy Management Authority

The SAFE Identity High Assurance Trust Community is governed by the SAFE Identity Policy Management Authority (PMA), a member-driven committee chaired by SAFE Identity.

The SAFE Policy Management Authority (PMA) is a select group of individuals in the health industry who vote on the policies at SAFE Identity. The PMA defines the rules for identity issuance within the SAFE community. The PMA also defines which identity providers are authorized to participate. Under SAFE Identity, organizations within the health community lead our Policy Management Authority. They play the decision making role, defining the policies and auditing requirements of the certificate authorities that they trust.

The PMA is responsible for maintaining the documentation upon which the federated trust is based, ensuring continuing adherence to the membership criteria of the SAFE Identity community by its members, and facilitating interoperability across the Federated Trust Environment.

SAFE Identity Certified Credential Issuers (both commercial and enterprise issuers) are voting members of the SAFE Identity PMA. In addition, organizations that acquire SAFE Identity Certified Credential Issuers and organizations that rely on SAFE Identity Certified Credential Issuers can apply for membership on the SAFE Identity PMA.

SAFE Identity Staff does not decide on the policies published by the SAFE PMA. Those who rely, issue and assert identities make these decisions. We put this decision-making privilege in the very capable hands of those who use our Trust Framework rather than making these decisions on our own. Instead, SAFE Identity acts as a guide to the industry to help those who participate in SAFE Identity achieve their goals for security and risk mitigation by enhancing the SAFE Identity polices to suit their needs.

Our community defines the requirements of an interoperable digital identity. That means the community can make informed decisions about which credentials are reliable. PMA members have first-hand knowledge of the requirements for SAFE Identity Certified Credential Issuers and participate in the decision-making process for all enhancements to the policies and interoperability criteria, contributing to the transparency of the SAFE Identity High Assurance Trust Community.

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