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SAFE Identity Federated Trust offers a secure and efficient means of exchanging information – eliminating the costly and complex process of individually establishing trust with specific identity credential issuers or acquiring project-specific credentials for every new customer, supplier, or partner.

SAFE Identity establishes trust relationships with high-assurance identity credential providers and monitors their continuing conformance to the requirements established by the PMA and defined in the SAFE Identity Policy documents.

Identity Credentials whose issuers are members of the SAFE Identity Federated Trust Community:

  • Cryptographically bind the user’s physical identity to a digital identity that computers can understand

  • Are recognized by the FDA and EMA

  • Are 21 CFR Part 11 and 21 CFR Part 1311 compliant

S.A.F.E. Certified credentials may be used to:

  • Sign agreements, consent forms, and web forms

  • Authenticate to workstations, SharePoint, Exchange, and company portals

  • Federate to other organizations in the Trust Framework,

  • Encrypt sensitive emails, documents and Intellectual Property

Identity credentials issued in accordance with the SAFE Identity Federated Trust requirements may be purchased from any of the following SAFE-certified credential providers.

Assurance Levels:
  • mediumSoftwareAssurance- SHA256
  • mediumHardwareAssurance- SHA256
Assurance Levels:
  • basicAssurance-SHA256
  • mediumSoftwareAssurance- SHA256
  • mediumHardwareAssurance- SHA256
  • group-mediumSoftwareAssurance-SHA256
  • machine-mediumSoftwareAssurance-SHA256
  • machine-mediumHardwareAssurance-SHA256
Assurance Levels:
  • mediumHardwareAssurance- SHA256