Qualified Products List

Your Key to Digital Security

Think of a digital identity as a key. It's not good enough to standardize a key alone. Locks must be standardized, too, so that the key works correctly within it. A screwdriver or a different key, shouldn't open the lock. It's essential to know only the right key will open the lock. SAFE Identity policies standardize key making and how people can get them. The SAFE Qualified Products List (QPL) and associated standards/specs standardize and test the locks to ensure they only work when using the proper key.

Assuring Interoperability

Placement on the SAFE Identity QPL publicly confirms that an application has independently demonstrated the ability to correctly use digital identities within the SAFE Identity Community. Listing on the QPL confirms the application uses digital identities in the way the holders, issuers and relying parties expect.

When an organization buys one credential under SAFE Identity, they know that the credential is functional across multiple applications that conform to the SAFE Identity community driven policies. All applications listed on our QPL are compatible and interoperable with all SAFE certified credentials.

Getting Involved

The SAFE Identity QPL program is currently under construction with an expected launch date of 5/2020. Please contact us about ways you can get involved and become an early adopter of the QPL.