Making Digital Identity SAFE

Easing The Burdens of Enhanced Security


Relying on the authenticity of digital signatures for executing documents means relying on identity providers. How do you know which identity providers to trust? We've assembled a single source of policies and infrastructures for the health industry.


You're doing business across multiple borders, including enterprise, political, and geographic. You need to trust that the person you are doing business with is who they present themselves to be. Under our Trust Framework, there's no need for password validation.


Managing the identities you trust is a tricky - practically unmanageable task, even for those who specialize in security. Binding like-minded providers who are committed to the power of shared standards, policies, and practices simplify the task of verifying the digital identities that you rely on to make business decisions and protect your data.


It's complicated. We simplify it by providing a single source to manage the means and methods for encryption within and between enterprises. By combining a strong identity with strong encryption, you can achieve the peace of mind in knowing that the information you send over the internet can only be read by those who have been given permission.



We're making our mark with new services and vigilant oversight. After years of experience providing critical guidelines and infrastructure, it was clear that even more resources were needed to enable higher levels of cross-organizational data sharing and greater security- without increasing complexity.

What We Do

By enabling simpler and more reliable use of digital identities, we make it easier for enterprises in the health industry to exchange digital information more securely-both inside and outside the enterprise border. SAFE Identity works to advance the interoperability of digital identities and related standards across enterprises and government entities.

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Providers may issue identities differently and therefore define identities in a multitude of ways at varying levels of security. We'll use consensus as the tool which makes trust across company and country borders possible.
Kyle Neuman Managing Director


Using our in-house lab, we test products available around the world for adherence to industry standards that define proper handling and interoperability of digital identity software products. Our testing allows enterprises to support multiple identity providers and enables digital identities to function across various applications.

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We use our physical identities every day and rely on it immensely. It only makes sense to have a digital equivalent to sign documents, track your medical history and replace passwords for good.
Kyle Neuman Managing Director

Who We Work For


Maintaining security across the enterprise border is essential for proper stewardship of intellectual property- a critical element of competitive advantage for the pharmaceutical industry. Reliable digital identity and the ability to share encrypted information with intended parties become even more essential. Leading pharmaceutical companies and the FDA rely on our work to define interoperable, compliant and legally binding policies that we use to certify identity providers against as part of our Trust Framework.  


Satisfying 21 CFR part 1311 is challenging for prescribers who use e-prescriptions for prescribing controlled substances. We ease the burden of satisfying these requirements by certifying identity providers who satisfy DEA and federal regulatory requirements for EPCS. We also support multiple use cases in hospital and laboratory supply chains including health IoT to secure intellectual property and protect patient data.


Fraud protection is top of mind for payers. Document continuity and data access are increasingly essential to maintain critical functionality across the insurance landscape. Privacy isn't only for policyholders and payees. We simplify the complexity that typically goes into the confirmation of digital signatures and digital identities with tested protocols and certified providers that make up the SAFE Identity Trust Framework.


The integrity and confidence of digital credentials vary widely across the health industry. How do you know which are trustworthy? For example, someone signs a mission-critical document with a digital credential. Can you trust that? Is the simple act of signing enough?

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We offer web services that enable the use of digital identities throughout the health industry. SAFE Identity makes your secure identities more useful. By addressing the major pain points in using strong identities, our cryptographic web services enable companies to utilize digital identities more readily to ease encryption, digital signature, and authentication burdens, improving your security ROI.

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